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1. Enter Your
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2. Get Your Guaranteed
No Obligation Quote
3. Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment
3. Arrange Your Free Collection
and Instant Payment

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We Scrap Any Van For CASH?

Unlike scrap metal, which now cannot be purchased using cash, it is still legal to buy scrap vans for cash. When you trade in your vehicle with our ‘scrap vans for cash’ service, the process really is transparent, simple and financially rewarding – our recovery agents look after all the relevant legal concerns for you, informing the DVLA of your van’s new status at the point of sale.

Are You Looking to Scrap Your Van?

Is there an old and unusable van in your garage or driveway? Often, it’s hard to get rid of things that have served us well for many years. But if the van is out of commission and beyond repair, it’s probably time to consider van scrapping.

Your van still has value, even though you can’t drive it anymore. Scrapping any vehicle is a process of dismantling it for parts and reusing the steel for other purposes.

Arrange Your Free Collection and Instant Payment

When you accept our free quotation, we’ll contact you within the working hour to arrange the collection of your van. You can ask us any question that comes to mind, and we’ll happily give you the answer.

Our fully trained salvage experts will then ask you about the most convenient time to come and collect the old, damaged, or unwanted van.

Naturally, we’ll want to make sure that your van is accessible so our recovery vehicle can take it off your hands as soon as possible.

The We Scrap Any Van team will be on location in record time and ready to get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

If you work most of the day and can’t find a suitable time for collection, that’s perfectly understandable. We can collect the van while you’re otherwise engaged. It’s a common practice, and all you have to do is let our staff know about your intentions.

Upon collection of your van, we’ll issue an instant payment on the spot. It’s imperative that our clients are pleased with the final result, service, and price.

After the exchange, you will have to wait no longer than two weeks for the mandatory Certificate of Destruction. Should there be any delays, gives us a call, and we’ll chase up the DVLA.

Enter Your Registration

We’ve made everything super easy for our customers. All you have to do is enter your van registration number and hit “Get Price.” From there, we’ll ask you a few more questions.

First, we’ll need you to provide the approximate mileage of your van. Then, you have the option to list your desired price, confirming your expectations.

We’ll also ask you whether the van starts or not – both perfectly acceptable options. Lastly, we’ll ask you to enter your email, phone number, and postcode.

Our system might not recognize your registration number for two reasons. First, you’ve made an error inputting the number and should try again. The other reason is that your van wasn’t registered in the UK.

Van Scrapping Process Explained

Scrapping a vehicle is something you might only do once or twice in a lifetime. When you buy your van, you’re not thinking about how you’ll dispose of it once it’s no longer useful.

That is why professional scrapping services were created. If you have a van, you can no longer use and can’t sell, scrapping is the way to go. The trick is to find a company with exceptional service.

Fortunately, you’ve already come to the right place. The mission of the We Scrap Any Van team is to provide a straightforward way to scrap your van and get paid in the process.

We understand that most van owners are not familiar with how van scrapping works, so we want to focus on each step separately. This will give you the complete picture of the rewarding road ahead.

Get Your Guaranteed No Obligation Quote

The We Scrap Any Van philosophy is that our clients should be empowered by having accurate information. Once you enter your van registration number and several other details, we’ll give you a free quote. Rest assured that you are in no way obligated to act upon this valuation.

Several factors determine the market value of your van. Things like the weight, engine type, and the trip level will be considered.

But there’s also the current market value and the demand for the specific parts and materials. It’s our goal to ensure a fair estimate, which will leave you completely satisfied.

Your Van Must Be Accessible with All 4 Wheels and Tyres.

Once You Accept Our Free Quotation Our Fully Trained Salvage Experts Will Make Contact Within 1 Working Hour to Arrange Collection of Your Scrap, Damaged, Faulty or Unwanted Van.

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