Why Should I Scrap My Van?

If you have a van in your driveway or garage that isn’t going anywhere, perhaps ask yourself, “Is it time to scrap my van?” There are several convincing reasons why you might want to give the van scrapping serious thought.

First, your van might need uneconomical repairs, which doesn’t make sense from the perspective of your budget. Some people find it challenging to make this decision when there’s a sentimental aspect involved.

However, scrapping a vehicle that requires a massive number of repairs is often the better choice.

Your van might be perfect for our scrap service if damaged in an accident, and the insurance has requested scrapping instead of repairs.
A failed MOT test is another good indicator that your van has seen better days. Engine failure, seized brakes, gearbox failure, are also common reasons to choose van scrapping.

But sometimes, none of the above reasons applies. Many people choose to get rid of their old van because they want to free up existing parking space or the garage. Others want to purchase another vehicle and feel it’s time to move the old van on.

How to Scrap My Van?

When you’ve finally decided, “I’m going to scrap my van!” You might not know how to move forward with the process. The first step is to find licenced and reliable scrap van buyers. We Scrap Any Van has a professional and experienced team that will deliver excellent service and complete transparency during every stage of the process.

All you have to do is go to our Homepage and enter the registration number of your van. We’ll take it from there. In a matter of minutes, you’ll receive a no-obligation quote from us. You don’t have to know the exact mileage of your van or even have the ignition key. Even if your van is a total wreck, don’t worry; we’ll come and collect it without charge.

The only two requirements we insist on is that you have proof of ownership and that the van has all four wheels intact. Vans without wheels will not be considered. Upon accepting our quote, we do our best to be at your location to remove the van in less than 24h. You don’t have to be there if you have a busy schedule.

Let our agents know, and we’ll pick up the van with your permission. Also, we can come in the evenings and weekends if that works best for you.

You will receive instant payment, and your van will be on its way to a scrapyard that would be the perfect moment for you to receive our “scrap my van” services.

What Happens After I Scrap My Van?

We Scrap Any Van takes pride in delivering fast and efficient service to customers. Once we collect your van and prepare it for the scrapping process, your only task is to wait for the Certificate of Destruction.

This is a legal document issued by the DVLA which guarantees that your van has been disposed of. It will take around two weeks to process this document, though it depends on how quickly your van will be scrapped.

Can I Scrap My Van and Get a Tax Refund?

Indeed, you can. You might be entitled to unused road tax when you scrap your van. Once you get your Certificate of Destruction, contact the DVLA will automatically issue you with a refund.

Also, with the certificate, you can cancel any existing insurance policy. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to cancel the insurance if you still drive the van on the road, no matter how infrequently.

Can I Scrap My Van for Charity?

We Scrap Any Van team appreciates our customers’ requests to scrap their van and donate the proceeds to charity.

While we don’t donate the vehicles directly, we’re more than happy to make a payment to a charity of your choice.

Let us know where you want the funds from the scrapped van to go to, and we’ll ensure the charity receives payment. Alternatively, you can consider charities that help people scrap their cars, vans, and lorries.