How to Get a Scrap Van Quote From Us?

If you have an end-of-life van sitting in your garage or parking space, perhaps it’s time to scrap it. You might have thought about it already but aren’t sure what the going rate is these days.

There is no uniform approach to getting a scrap van quote. At We Scrap Any Van, we offer a no-obligation quote based on numerous factors.

We are very proud of offering a fully transparent process, and that’s why we want to guide you through it now.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Scrap Van Quote

At We Scrap Any Van, we want to ensure our clients have a comfortable experience from the beginning to the end of the van scrapping process.

All you need is the registration number of your van, and you’re off to the races. Upon receipt of the registration number, we’ll ask a few more follow-up questions. Namely, we’ll ask for the van’s approximate mileage and if the engine starts or not.

We’ll also ask about your desired price to see if we can match it. The final step is to give us your email address, phone number, and postcode. After you click on the “Get a Quote” button, you’ll hear from us within the hour. We’ll have your quote, and will be ready to schedule the van collection whenever is most convenient.

Remember, the quote is free, and you’re not obligated to accept it.

Scrapped Van Value – How It Is It Determined?

We already mentioned that the quote you’ll receive will depend on several important factors. The condition of the vehicles we scrap can vary in terms of damage.

To give you a better idea of what goes into the process of calculating the value of a scrapped van, let’s talk about all the relevant considerations.

How Old Is the Van?

It will come as no surprise that a van from 2000 and one from 2015 won’t receive the same quote. But it’s not always as simple as expecting the newer van to get a better price.

The make and the model will determine the rate as well. This is important. If a particular model is relatively rare, the demand for parts might be higher.

On top of that, materials used in vans and other vehicles change over the years. Nowadays, many vans are constructed with less steel and aluminium, which will also play a role.

What Is the Current Price of Scrap Metal?

The scrap metal market is more volatile than most people expect. It’s fast-moving, and the price for recycled steel and aluminium might skyrocket or plummet unexpectedly. Since these metals are used in the automotive industry, that will undoubtedly impact the quote you get for your scrap van.

What Is the Condition of Your Van?

As buyers, We Scrap Any Van need to consider the condition of your van before committing to collect it. First, we insist that the van has all four wheels intact. Vans that are no more than a shell are not suitable for our business.

Other than that, we welcome end-of-life vans and those that require extensive repairs that may be prohibitive. However, the state of your van will reflect on the quote we’re able to offer.

What Can You Do to Make the Process Easier?

You have a say when it comes to getting the best scrap van quote. By accurately describing your vehicle, it will give us the necessary information to offer an accurate valuation.

If you have the logbook, that’s even better. Also, once we agree on the quote, make sure that you don’t disassemble the van in any way.

If a specific part is removed, it can alter the value of the van significantly. Plus, vehicle scrapping requires a particular skillset and needs to be done by a qualified team.

Finally, we guarantee a professional and efficient service with complete transparency. The quote you received is the exact instant payment you’ll receive when we collect your van.

Within two weeks, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction, a document issued by the DVLA that certifies that your van was indeed recycled. DVLA will automatically issue a refund for any unused road tax and you can cancel your insurance policy.