How to Put Your Camper Van for Sale

You’ve decided to part ways with your camper van. You want to put the vehicle up for sale, but you need help to do it correctly. After all, you want to make the most of the deal.

This article will tell you how to put your camper van for sale. UK-based motorists will gain valuable insight into the process.

Listing Your Camper Van for Sale – UK Guide

You might be wondering, “How do I sell my camper van if I’ve never sold a vehicle before?” The task may seem daunting, but we’ll make it easier.

Here’s what you need to do to put your camper van for sale.

Value the Vehicle

Camper vans aren’t regular vehicles. Besides the performance parts (e.g., engine), you need to consider many other components to value them properly:

Who converted your vehicle? Was it a professional or you?
When did the conversion take place?
Is the vehicle classified by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or similar organisations?
Are there unique features?
What materials did you use for the conversions?
Does the vehicle have an electric and gas sign-off?
Is there any rental potential?

Clean the Ride

First impressions matter most when listing your camper van for sale. UK-based buyers want an impressive presentation, and the key thing you need to do is clean the vehicle.

Remove any dust, dirt, or other impurities from the inside. You can also consider disinfecting the interior to raise the price tag slightly.

Take Pictures

Written descriptions are essential, but pictures might be even more important. High-quality snaps can do you a world of good when selling your camper van. They accurately depict the layout and interior, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves in the vehicle.

When taking pictures, take your vehicle to a low-traffic location. If possible, no other car should be included in your shots.
Another thing to remember is to present every feature. For instance, if your vehicle has an awning, go to a location that shows it in the best light.

Storage is also critical. You usually want to show your vehicle free of clutter, but some personal stuff in your shots can be useful. People can check out the storage area, enabling them to assess whether their possessions will be accommodated.
Wide-angle lenses can be of great assistance. Use them for context shots rather than detail shots, as this lets you include a larger part of your interior. Avoid taking pictures at an angle because the buyers will have a harder time identifying sections of your storage.

Finally, you should take shots of the following areas:

Exterior sides, front, and rear
Open and closed side door
Open and closed rear door
Cab interior
Unique features (built-in bicycle storage or a dog crate)
Water facilities, like pumps, heaters, toilets, and showers

Do Proper Paperwork

Selling camper vans entails a lot of paperwork:
MOT (Ministry of Transport) Certificate
Service books
Ownership paperwork
VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) documentation
Proof of V5 registration
If a buyer requests more paperwork, make sure to provide it. Otherwise, they might walk away from the deal.

Take a Safe Payment

The payment is the final part of your sales. You don’t want to take a chance here, but you also need quick payment processing.
The Faster Payment Service might be the best option. It’s a form of direct bank transfer that reduces payment times from three to five days to just a few seconds.
Say goodbye to your vehicle only when the buyer transfers funds into your bank account.
Once you’ve shaken hands and received the payment, make out two copies of a receipt that includes the following details:
Amount paid
Make and model of the vehicle
Registration number
Buyer’s name and address
The final step is to fill in your transfer of ownership and submit it to the DVLA.

It’s Time for a New Adventures

Before reading this article, you may have thought: “I’d like to sell my camper van, but I’ll probably mess up the sale.”
Rest assured. Selling your camper van is straightforward. But take your time with the preparation, paperwork, and payment. This will help you make more money and prevent the buyer from taking advantage of you.