A motorhome can be a source of great joy for its owner. The ability to travel wherever you wish without hindrance can lead to many precious memories.

Unfortunately, no vehicle can last forever, and the time will come when you need to sell your motorhome. When that moment comes, plenty of questions may arise. For example, you might wonder about the right motorhome price – UK markets may provide varying results. You could also think about the best place to sell a motorhome. The UK luckily, has an abundance of options in that regard.

Finally, you’ll get to the titular question of this article: Is it a good time to sell a motorhome? The following text will provide some valuable advice regarding all of the crucial aspects of selling a motorhome.

Selling Your Motorhome in the Right Moment

There’s a common opinion that the motorhome market is closely tied to the seasons. The theory is that, if you type “motorhome for sale, UK” into Google in May, you’ll get more hits than if you did it in January.

This belief follows the market logic that you should sell when the demand is high. However, the reality is somewhat different.

There are some seasonal considerations when it comes to motorhomes. Yet, the seasons that impact sales aren’t related to the time of the year. Instead, they are registration seasons.

In terms of motorhome cost, UK markets don’t take into account the season of the year. Thousands of motorhomes are sold every year, and the differences between individual months are minimal.

December seems to be the only exception. During that month, you might be more likely to struggle to get the best motorhome price, UK or elsewhere. The reason for this pricing dip is likely the holiday season when people have other purchasing decisions on their minds.

But even in December, motorhome sales don’t stop; they simply aren’t at the same level as during other months.

It’s also worth noting that slower December sales don’t reinforce the notion of winter being the worst season to sell. If you choose January or February to put up your motorhome for sale, UK winter won’t hinder you. In fact, plenty of people sell their used motorhomes during those two months.

To put it differently, the best time to sell your motorhome is when you get the desired offer. The season won’t play a massive role in the sale.

How Much Is a Motorhome UK Price?

Motorhome prices vary mainly based on two factors: model and make, and whether the motorhome is new or used.

If your motorhome is up to two years old, it could fetch a good price, going up to £65,000 or more. On average, the best value motorhome UK prices are around £49,000.

The make and model can be the deciding factor. For instance, a two-year-old Rollerteam Zafiro could yield about £41,000, while a Dethleffs Advantage of the same age could earn you over £64,000.

Even if your motorhome is older, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a decent price for it, as long as it’s driveable and in relatively good condition. The minimum motorhome cost UK buyers are ready to pay for a decent vehicle is around £20,000, even for models that are 15 years old. However, if your motorhome has more than a decade of service behind it, it will need to be maintained properly to keep its price point.

Hopefully, you no longer have to wonder “How much is a motorhome?” UK prices are, by all accounts, relatively fair, especially compared to some other markets.

What’s the Best Place to Sell a Motorhome, UK?

When you set out to sell your motorhome, several options will be available.

Starting with the quickest and least profitable, you could find a dealer and part-exchange your vehicle. But if you’re looking for the best value motorhome UK deals, part-exchange should be at the bottom of your list.

If you want to explore other options, you can sell your motorhome to a dealer, use a broker, sell privately, or go on an auction.

When you list your motorhome for sale, UK dealers – like most dealers – won’t give you the best price possible. This method also comes with plenty of precautions. You’ll need to ensure certain guarantees are in place and get them in writing. For example, the dealer should have a defined deadline upon which they must give you the money after the sale, and their commission should be specified.

Motorhome brokers are similar to dealers but might take even more time to complete the sale. Besides the potential waiting time, the same precautions apply here. Additionally, you should be aware that there are fraudulent brokers who can disappear with your vehicle without the intention of selling it for you.

When it comes to auction sales, you might find this option worth your while, if you’re ready to accept potential price loss.

In terms of motorhome price, UK auctions rarely reach the vehicle’s market value. Of course, you can have some control over this aspect since you’ll be able to define a minimum price. If you do so, the auctioneer won’t be allowed to sell the motorhome below that minimum.

Finally, we come to private sales, which come with considerable advantages compared to most other options.

Selling your vehicle privately will mean you can get a better price for it. Additionally, there’s nothing stopping you from using the motorhome while searching for the right buyer.

There are several ways in which you can go about this. You can use adverts in various channels, such as local paper, specialist magazines, or online. Of course, with the number of internet users today, the online route is the most effective.

Whenever someone searches Google for “motorhome for sale UK”, there’s a chance they’ll end up on your advert.

A private sale will require more engagement on your side but will provide the most freedom of choice. You’ll have complete control of the entire process, which makes it the most favourable option.

Get Ready to Sell

Depending on the condition, make, and age of your motorhome, selling it to the right buyer could get you a decent amount of money.

Of course, the sale success will also depend on the method you choose. Some options will be more reliable than others, while some might simply be more convenient.

Now that you have a better understanding of the motorhome market, you’ll likely be able to make the optimal choice and choose the right moment to sell your motorhome.