Since scrap metal prices fluctuate constantly, you can’t always predict how much you’ll earn for your scrap. You will, however, be able to build reasonable expectations if you have an idea of the market and factors that influence scrap metal’s price at any given time. This guide will give you a better understanding of the changing value of scrap metal, even if it is not representative of current scrap prices.

Below are a few factors that might affect the price of scrap metal.


Supply and demand are major factors influencing scrap metal prices. Some metals are in greater demand than others, while others are rarer.

Iron-containing metals are usually less valuable than non-ferrous metals. The scrap value of non-ferrous metals, such as copper, zinc, and aluminium is higher since they are less ubiquitous than ferrous metals, such as steel or iron.

Demand and supply aren’t always as straightforward as they seem, either. In the scrap market, both domestically and internationally, supply and demand are taken into account, as well as expectations. Market value is also affected by the fact that certain metal markets are more predictable than others.


It is important for you to consider the grade and quality of the metal you’re selling to determine the price you’ll receive. Different metals have different classifications based on these two factors, so keep this in mind when choosing a scrap dealer.

Recycling quality metal can result in products that are more valuable and useful. Metals of lower quality, as well as those contaminated by other, less desirable metals, will lead to a decrease in value. Metals of high quality can be put to reliable use, but lower quality metals may cause production defects, so they are less valuable.


Tonnage determines scrap metal price. Depending on the quality, grade, and quantity of scrap metal you have to sell, the prices will change accordingly.

The value of a ton of copper scrap is much greater than that of a ton of stainless steel, but larger quantities of scrap are still more likely to be collected.


Scrap metal can be found everywhere. Several metals can be found in everyday items such as brass, bronze and iron, but some valuable metals can be recovered from vans as they approach the end of their lives. For example:

The vehicle’s bodywork is made of stainless steel

The engine is made of cast aluminium

Wiring looms – Copper is used for wiring the van’s electronics.

Battery lead

Nickel – found in catalytic converters (along with other precious metals)

It is thus quite possible to make quite a lot of money scrapping an old vehicle. In order to recycle your vehicle’s metals, a de-pollution step is needed before any metal can be recovered.


The scrap metal prices in the UK vary from city to city due to local demand and supply. When it comes to getting the best valuation for your metal haul, your local market is usually your best option due to the high cost of transporting large quantities of metal.

How much is your scrap metal worth? In order to trade scrap metal, they will need to be licensed and registered. Make sure you’re trading with a legal entity by searching the scrap metal dealer’s register – if possible, ask for their licence number since scrap metal dealers tend to be mobile and their addresses may not be reliable.

In the UK, this price of scrap metal will be calculated as £ per kg in most circumstances, except in the case of catalytic converters, or in other unique scrap metal situations.  Depending on where you live, you can either opt to trade with individual scrap metal traders or with larger companies which are available online.

In order to determine their daily prices, they consider several factors: 

Here are some factors that affect scrap metal prices. UK prices thus depend on various factors.

Supply and demand in the local area

Price changes for scrap metal will depend on the local market (by cities in the UK or nationally). Seasonality and tariffs might affect this.

Metals trading prices

The commodity market involves the trade of metals that are closely related to common scrap metal sources. A daily metal price update can be found on the LME, which is the international market for industrial metals. Understanding specific changes in scrap metal prices in the UK and around the world is a great idea

Scrap metal treatment facilities

Dealers with in-house treatment facilities are more prevalent in some cities. As a result, scrap metal travel costs are reduced.

A variety of treatment methods are available, including sorting, crushing, cutting, shearing and baling.

Areas of expertise

There are different types of scrap metal dealers. While one dealer might specialise in aluminium as they have European buyers with specific needs, another might only buy aluminium cans. When your scrap metal matches their specialisation, you can expect to get a better price for it in the UK!

Judgement of Their Own

It is the opinion of every scrap metal dealer where scrap metal prices in the UK and globally will be headed. Many are also applying their own competition to other local scrap metal dealers. In either case, you should shop around and contact a range of dealers. In the UK, scrap metal traders have missed out on over £10,000 by not considering this.

Since the scrap metal recycling industry in the UK is worth billions, the market prices for metal are extremely competitive. Scrap metal prices fluctuate daily, so it is important to research the best deal thoroughly.

Take advantage of the best scrap metal prices by following these three tips:

The most competitive dealers should be chosen. Contact several scrap metal dealers and compare their prices.

Transparency should be ensured in all transactions. Check out scrap metal price charts at scrap dealers.

When you scrap your van, work with a company that will absorb the cost of having it delivered, like We Scrap Any Van. We provide a free van collection.

What is the most valuable scrap metal?

Customers always ask about pricing and that’s understandable! The key to getting the most return is to know which scrap metal collections are worth the most, whether you’re a business or just selling your own scrap metal.

Scrapping your van for the best price in London, UK

Even when there is no change in scrap metal prices, UK scrapyard prices offered can vary on any given day. This is due to the fact that the price is not solely determined by the scrap metal collection’s value. When a scrapyard picks up a vehicle, for instance, they usually knock some money off the price they pay to account for the scrap metal collection cost. Additionally, a scrapyard may offer a higher price in order to beat a competitor’s offer. To buy more vehicles, a scrapyard may accept less profit per van. It may be worthwhile to get multiple quotes for your van.

In order to get more for your van, you may need to wait for the market price to rise before selling, but, like the stock market, you may have to wait a long time for the price to rise considerably. If you leave your van parked for a long period of time, it will lose its value because some parts in the vehicle deteriorate or become corroded. Scrapping a van as soon as possible is usually the best option once you’ve decided to get rid of it this way.

Scrap metal dealers in London, UK,  pay you based on the scrap metal content of your vehicle, you are likely to get as much as the metal is worth, which is the best deal you could look for.