Scrapping your van has never been easier, but understanding the market and getting the best price for a scrap van requires a little research.  

When you decide to scrap your van, you will probably want to know the value of it – you can do this easily and it shouldn’t cost you anything to get this information.

The first step is to determine the condition of the van and note if any parts are missing, including the wheels. When you are planning on scrapping the van, you shouldn’t spend money on a van with bodywork. You just need to make sure that you provide all accurate information to the scrap service providers so that they can offer the best price for scrap vans that you have to offer.

We Scrap Any Van can offer you specialist services to help you understand how much your vehicle is worth. Things can work out quickly if you are honest about the condition and of the item.

Searching through scrap yards and trying to find the best deal for a vehicle takes a lot of time, which is why people often don’t have the time to do this continuously. Therefore, we have created an easy online process for scrapping your van and helping you know the best price for scrap vans that you have to scrap off.

Our company has years of experience in the industry, as well as a wealth of expertise in buying and recovering damaged or broken vehicles. Our high standards and easy-to-use platform have enabled us to create a service where all users have to do is provide us with their van’s information, and we’ll handle the rest!

When you use our online service or call our team directly, you can easily get the best price for your van. The price of the scrap vehicle will depend on several factors, for example; weight, make, model and condition, and whether the value of a van will be affected by the scrap metal market. As a result, we guarantee all of our quotes, no matter what market fluctuations may occur. The price you receive will be the price you have been quoted, except for instances in which a scrap van has been inaccurately represented.

In the event, our team arrives at the time of collection only to discover what you told them isn’t true, and they find the vehicle has crash damage but still has wheels and runs fine, they may adjust the price in order to reflect the actual value of the vehicle. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle, we strive to provide the most accurate price to our clients so that the price we give reflects this and avoids any confusion at the time of collection.

According to previous information, the value of your van is dependent on its weight, make, model, and condition. Metal prices in the market can also affect its value. 

Weight of the van – the heavier the van, the greater its value

If the logbook is present or not

If the van to get scrapped has its keys or not

Van condition – if there are salvageable parts on the van or if it can be repaired, the value will be higher


According to the weight, condition, and age of the vehicle, the value of your scrap van will vary. There is a lot of value in scrap metal if there are any parts that can be salvaged from the van. For the most part, the heavier the van is, the more value scrap metal has. The value of some vans, however, will differ based on their engine size, make, and model, as well as the rapidly changing metal market. Because of these factors, it is worth more to a collector, which makes it more valuable to scrappers.

At We scrap Any Van, get the best price for your scrap van!

Have you been thinking about selling your scrap van? We make scrapping your van just as easy as scrapping any other vehicle. With We Scrap Any Van, you can rest assured you will get the best deal since we know you do not have time to trawl around scrap yards looking for the best deal.

The Best Scrap Van Prices

Don’t be tricked by companies that advertise high prices and then offer lower ones on your doorstep. Among unlicensed and unscrupulous scrap merchants, this is a common practice. Scrap prices fluctuate very much and are heavily influenced by steel production and steel imports into the country. Our online quote is free, it is not an obligation for you to accept, but we believe the price is fair and well calculated.

Honestly, we mean what we say when we say the process is quick and easy. A scrap van valuation does not require an appointment. Our online form lets you enter your details, or you can call us and tell us more about your van. You will receive an instant, obligation-free quote as soon as you submit your details with our three step process for knowing the prices for scrapping a van.

How do I decide on Scrapping a Van with the best Scrap Van Prices?

Does your van have a fault that may not be worth fixing because it is too old or too worn out? Have you written it off and don’t know how to repair it?

In case your van’s value is less than a certain pound, scrapping it could be easier than finding a buyer.

If you have usable parts, you can sell them, or you can advertise them as ‘spares or repair’. Although it can be incredibly time-consuming, you’ll save more if you decide to use scrap services.

We can quickly provide quotes and easily have your van collected from your doorstep for free and offer the best scrap van prices.

To conclude, We Scrap Any Van will definitely help you have an idea of the possible prices for scrapping a van with ease and quickness.