Most of us need additional spending money in the weeks before Christmas. If you’re looking to make some cash before the festivities begin, getting your old van scrapped is an excellent option.

If this is something you’ve been putting off for a while, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain why you should scrap your van in time for Christmas.

Reasons for Scrapping Your Van Before Christmas

Here’s why the weeks before Christmas might be perfect:

Extra Cash

Making additional cash just in time for Christmas is always a good idea. If you decide to scrap your vehicle, you won’t have to wait months to get paid. Once you contact a scrap service and get a quote, you’ll arrange the time of collection. As soon as the service picks up the vehicle, you’ll receive the money.

Remember that just because your car isn’t usable anymore doesn’t mean it has no value. Scrap services can give you good deals, depending on your vehicle’s condition.

It’s Harder to Sell Second-Hand Vehicle

If your vehicle is still usable, you may try to sell it instead of scrapping it. But it’s much harder to sell a vehicle just before Christmas. Most car dealers offer excellent Christmas and New Year sales on new vehicles, which makes buying a new car much more affordable than usual.

Even if you succeed in finding a buyer, you may have to settle for much less than you planned. If you don’t want to wait until the holiday season is over or need the money as soon as possible, consider scrapping the vehicle. There’s absolutely no hassle for you: contact a scrap service, get a quote, and get paid. You can always get a no-obligation quote to see how much money you could get.

Avoid Driving in Harsh Weather Conditions

Winter weather conditions can be a nightmare for any driver. Snow and ice make driving much more difficult and even dangerous, especially if your vehicle isn’t performing well. The last thing you want is for your van to stop functioning in the middle of nowhere. This would probably result in high towing and expensive repairs, which isn’t something you need just before the holidays.

If you scrap your vehicle before Christmas, you’ll be able to get some money and invest in another van that won’t let you down in the winter weather.

Avoid Christmas Traffic and Accidents

The streets are almost always busy just before Christmas. Heavy traffic, plus snow and ice enhance the possibility of accidents and injuries, especially if you have an unreliable vehicle. If you’re also planning on taking a long trip to visit your relatives, you definitely don’t want to drive a barely roadworthy vehicle.

Your safety should be your number one priority. That’s why you should consider scrapping your vehicle before Christmas.

Nobody’s Working

Imagine this: You’re convinced your vehicle can survive another winter, and you decide to take a family Christmas trip. Somewhere along the way, your vehicle breaks down. Since it’s the Christmas period, the mechanics aren’t working, and you can’t fix your car. Even if you manage to find someone willing to take a look at it, the repair costs will probably be extremely high.

Worst case scenario, you’ll need to wait until the nearest shop is open, which would ruin your trip. Scrapping your vehicle before Christmas and investing in a new one lowers the risk of experiencing problems on the road.

Take Advantage of Cheap Deals on New Vehicles

You can get the most out of Christmas sales and buy a new car. Most dealers provide great conditions and prices for purchasing a new vehicle. If you scrap your old one, you’ll free up some space in your garage and get extra money for the purchase.

Scrap Your Working Car

Most people consider scrapping as a last resort if your vehicle is barely functioning or not roadworthy. However, you may also want to consider scrapping an older, functioning car. There are numerous situations in which this is a reasonable option. Since Christmas is a time when we have a lot of expenses, this could be an easy way to make a few extra pounds. Let’s review some of them:

You Have a Second Car You’re Not Using

If you’re driving one car, and the second is only taking up space in your garage, why not scrap it? For example, many families use one car for work and the other for school runs. If your kids have grown up and left home, you may feel there’s no need to have two cars in the household, and scrapping it is a good idea.

Even if you’re not using the car, you still have to pay taxes and insurance for it. This is a waste of money if you’re not planning on using the vehicle.

You’ve Inherited a Car

If you’ve inherited an older car you don’t need, you can scrap it. Scrapping is a simple process that doesn’t require you to do anything except contact a scrap service and fill in a simple questionnaire.

You’ve Realized Selling the Car Isn’t Worth It

Sometimes, owning a barely-functioning vehicle is worse than owning a non-functioning one. You never know when it will let you down, and it’s almost impossible to sell. Maybe months have passed since you started advertising it for sale, and nobody gave you a decent offer.

In that case, you should consider scrapping it. You may be surprised by the amount of money you could receive.

You’re Retiring From Driving

The most common reason for retiring from driving is old age or an illness. Whatever your reason is, if you’re not going to use your old vehicle anymore, you should consider scrapping. That way, you won’t have to spend money on taxes and insurance anymore. You’ll get extra space and make money in the process.

It’s Scrapping Season

It’s never a bad time to get rid of an old vehicle and make cash in the process. If you do it just before Christmas, you’ll be able to cover the additional expenses we all have during holidays. Plus, you could take advantage of Christmas sales and treat yourself to a new, reliable vehicle.

Make sure to reach out to an experienced scrap service that will give you the best offers and explain the process.