One of the main reasons you should ask around before deciding on a company to sell your van for scrap to is to ensure the company you sign with is a legitimate business.

There are a lot of bureaucratic processes behind the scenes, and some of the most important ones include having scrap metal insurance. Van brokers across the country need to have scrap metal van insurance to be able to work legally. These regulations can vary by county, but they almost always include some kind of legal requirement such as signing with an insurance agency and obtaining a license.

We’ll tackle some of the most pressing questions and requirements about scrap insurance for vans clients and other collection companies might have.

Scrap Metal Van Insurance

When contacting a scrap van agency, the first thing you have to ask for is whether they are fully insured to transport vehicles. We Scrap Any Van has all the scrap van insurance required to do our job legally and correctly. Our trucks are fully insured and comply with all regional demands on transport vehicles to carry scrapped vans.

Do note that selling scrap metal itself is a wholly different process. Companies that process metal that is not from vehicles must have full van insurance for carrying scrap metal. However, since buying scrap metal for cash has been made illegal, scrap collection works a bit differently. The way collectors earn money is by taking scrap metal to recycling plants, where they are reimbursed based on the weight of the material.

How to Get Scrap Metal Collector Van Insurance

The insurance coverage you receive for collecting scrap metal will largely depend on county and city regulations and insurance companies you contact. Some insurance companies have specific programs when working with a scrap metal collector. Van insurance is one of the most common policies to have as a collector since regulations typically require the vehicle to have as little open space as possible.

When working with scrap vans, the transport vehicle (typically a truck) needs to be licensed and insured to comply with all city or county regulations. That way, the company can rest assured that any problems on the road can be dealt with reliably and without any problems from the insurance agency or law enforcement.

A scrap metal collector van insurance policy is a somewhat special case since it applies to vans that transport scrap metal rather than the trucks that transport vans. This insurance is most commonly sought after by regular scrap collectors and has a different set of rules and regulations. We Scrap Any Van only collects cars, vans, and lorries. We are not licensed or insured to transport loose scrap metal. Scrap metal can no longer be bought with cash, which is why many scrap metal collector companies use van insurance for carrying scrap metal and have different collection processes.

Do You Need Scrap Van Insurance?

When you want to get rid of your scrap metal van, insurance plays a minuscule role. Since the vehicle is not on the road anymore, owners can declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) on their vehicle with the DVLA. That way, you don’t have to pay any vehicle taxes and you’ll receive a refund for any policies you’ve paid for in advance.

While a vehicle has a SORN declaration, it can’t be driven on any public road, even to deliver it to the scrap metal collection company. We Scrap Any Van has trucks that can haul vehicles and remove them from properties to alleviate these concerns. This ensures the vehicle complies with the SORN status.

If you have already purchased a new vehicle, it’s best to inform your insurance agent about it. In some cases, when you sell a vehicle for scrap, insurance for vans could possibly be transferred neatly to the new vehicle without needing to pay two different insurance premiums at once. However, you’d usually require a notification that the car has been scrapped or destroyed, which We Scrap Any Vans provides only after they’ve collected the vehicle. A certificate of destruction can take a few weeks since we don’t destroy vehicles immediately after collecting them.

Does We Scrap Any Van Have Scrap Metal Insurance?

We Scrap Any Van has all the licenses and insurance to purchase, collect, and scrap cars, vans, or lorries. You can contact us to receive details on our scrap metal insurance. Van brokers working with us can rest assured knowing that we do everything legally and have no liabilities.

If you need to remove scrap metal from your property that isn’t a vehicle, you’ll need to contact a different collection agency. Their processes are more suited to that business, and legal requirements and insurance policies for that type of work are separate from what we provide.