Choosing to scrap your old and damaged van can have many benefits. You stop paying for insurance premiums, costly repairs, plus you get paid by We Scrap Any Van for your vehicle.

Most scrap buyers will take cars and vans regardless of their condition. But what happens if the van doesn’t have wheels?

If you’re wondering, “Can I scrap my van without wheels?” the simple answer is no. However, there are some nuances worth discussing. Here are a few common questions regarding this topic.

Why Is It Difficult to Scrap a Van Without Wheels?

While scrapping your van without wheels is not technically impossible, it’s far from easy. If you’re wondering why, think about what it would take to move an entire van without wheels.

Most scrap buyers, We Scrap Any Van included, collect vehicles from owners by manoeuvring them onto a truck. As long as the wheels are there, the van can be moved one way or another.

Without wheels, it’s an entirely different story. You would need to find a scrap expert with a specialised crane to move the van.

You might be able to find a van scrapping company that offers such a service, but they might not service your location. Plus, the entire endeavour has higher overhead costs and might not be worth the effort.

What if I Want to Sell My Alloy Wheels?

We don’t recommend selling any parts of your van as scrap buyers before choosing to scrap it. Missing components will inevitably impact the final price of the van, even though the initial quote was different. When it comes to selling parts before scrapping, alloy wheels are one of the most common issues.

These types of wheels are something van owners add to lessen the vehicle’s weight and improve acceleration and braking.

You might want to sell your alloy wheels on the free market before scrapping, and that’s entirely your prerogative. However, that will cause a problem if you decide to scrap your car later.

A compromise can be to replace the alloy wheels that were on the van before. If the hubcaps are missing, that’s not a problem – all we want is to get the van onto the recovery vehicle.

What if the Tyres Are Missing?

Scrapping your van without the wheels hardly seems worth the trouble. On the other hand, if your van has wheels that are missing tyres (or they’re damaged), that’s a manageable situation.

A well-equipped scrap buyer can move the van on wheels and get it onto the truck. The process will be more complex and likely noisier, but it can be done.

So, missing or damaged tyres shouldn’t deter you from calling us to get your van. We’re used to seeing vehicles that are way past their prime, and if the tyres are flat or punctured, we will deal with it.

Scrap My Van – With Wheels Only

Maybe you’ve sold the wheels or they’ve been stolen. If they were removed, but you still have them, we’ll collect your van as long as you reattach them. Moving the van without wheels is a complex and expensive process, and most scrap buyers don’t do it. However, damaged or stolen tyres are not an issue, just a challenge to overcome.