ULEZ stands for the Ultra Low Emission Zone, and apart from Christmas Day, it operates every hour of every other day.

The zone was established in 2019 and currently covers from Waterloo to Vauxhall Bridge in the southwest and Paddington in the northwest.

Close to 60,000 vehicles are subject to the charge, but that number is about to grow. But when is the ULEZ zone expanding, and who will have to pay? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

ULEZ Expansion Explained

There are three crucial “W” questions regarding ULEZ – why, when, and where. The question of why the city of London is expanding the ULEZ zone is pretty straightforward.

Improvements to the city’s air quality are negligible, and the toxicity is still a significant threat to residents. Chronic illnesses such as asthma and heart diseases are all linked to air pollution.

Given that traffic is one of the leading causes of air pollution, the introduction to the world’s first 24h Ultra Low Emission Zone was a significant change. But now it’s time to make it even more meaningful.

So, when and where is the expansion taking place? Starting 25 October 2021, the ULEZ will become a single larger zone up to North Circular Road and South Circular Road. However, these roads themselves won’t be a part of the zone.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, vans, and minibuses (up to five tonnes), must comply with the ULEZ standards of paying a £12.50 daily charge.

The current standards include Euro 3, Euro 4, and Euro 6 (for diesel cars), and every vehicle that doesn’t fall into one of these categories will be subject to charge if they want to pass through the ULEZ.

Keep in mind that the ULEZ exists to encourage drivers to switch to vehicles that meet the emission standards and not simply pay the charge.

It’s also crucial to point out that all the money acquired from charging drivers the ULEZ fee will be reinvested. The goal is to improve the transport network, especially buses, the Tube, and build new cycleways.

Who Is Exempt From the Charge?

However, there will be some exemptions from the ULEZ charge. Residents who already hold a Congestion Charge discount will have a grace period for the ULEZ expansion.

Also, vehicles for disabled people will receive a similar grace period after the ULEZ expansion starts but will need to have a correct registration.

Plus, London taxis are fully exempt from ULEZ charges. Additionally, historic and military vehicles will be exempt, specialist agricultural vehicles, and some mobile cranes.

To ascertain whether your vehicle meets the ULEZ standard or whether it can be exempt from the charge, check out this online calculator.

Cleaner Air and Better City Infrastructure

If you’ve been wondering when the ULEZ zone is expanding and who will have to pay, you now have all the necessary information.

While the ULEZ charge might seem like an inconvenience to drivers with vehicles that don’t comply with the standard, this is a much-needed change.

Every ULEZ charge is money spent for better cycling lanes and cleaner air in London. Hopefully, many other major cities will embrace this innovative solution and decrease air pollution.